Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sometimes We Got To Scratch That Itch!

After finding out that Brent had to go bowling (insert stupid look here) I was wondering what was on the fishing menu for Sunday! The bay was 85% ice free and I have been going crazy thinking about the soon-to-be spring bite. I was wondering if people would truly question my sanity if I took the boat out! I mean, it really isn't that cold out?! Why would I be nuts, it's ice free? Ya, ya ,ya..I know it's 8 degrees outside but WAIT A MINUTE!!.....

If I were take the boat out, I would be the first person in my entire county to fish by boat in 2009!!!! Wow....I could go down in history!! :-)

"But hold on a second" I thought to myself! I can't go out by myself in 34 degree water! Who in the world would ever subject themselves to pure torture for a few steelhead?...

Well, apparently I wasn't the only nut job here, and quickly found some volunteers!
A couple of computer buddys from decided they'd go with me!
So off we went!

First off..The boat ramp didn't have any docks out so we had some trouble putting the boat in. But once we got 'er done, the Honda Fourstroke powered up as if she has been running a winter.

We didn't manage to find many fish, but we still were able to say we were the first ones to take the boat out in

After fishing for a few hours in the single digits, we had enough! The ice was starting to form around the shorelines quickly so we decided to hang it up!

But first....Here's a picture of the East side of the bay. It was still holding some ice, and believe it or not, some people were fishing it!

Here's the ice that started forming on the shorelines fast! We had to break it up to get back.

Long story short...we had a great time!
If you have nay names of a good shrink, please forward them to me!
I seriously need some help!!!

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