Sunday, February 22, 2009

Icefishing in the Elements! 2-22-09

Cold is the only word to describe the weather on this day. Even with the wind chill near 20 below, and the snow blowing sideways we still decided that fishing would make for a better day than curling up on the sofa!

We did manage to catch a few Bluegills and Crappies, but the bite was slow for the most part. The funny part of the day was trying to get my Coleman Stove going to make some coffee. Every time I'd lite it and put it on the ground it would go out. So I decided to put the coffee pot on the ice and lay the stove on it's side against the pot.
Once the water started to boil the pot began to melt a perfectly round whole in the ice. Once it got deep enough in the ice it would cool the water down.
Needless to say, we didn't get to enjoy a hot cup of java, and if it wasn't for Brent bringing some left over pizza to this party, we'd of gone hungry. Considering frying fish was the plan for lunch!

Once again a great day on the "Hard Water"!

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