Monday, March 16, 2009

My Monday Morning Rant!

Before reading this, understand that my only intention is to help people realize that they can find out a lot more if they just did a little of their own research. I just can’t figure out why there is always a few wanting to be “spoon fed” information? I mean, why do people need to know some of the things they ask? I understand people wanting fishing reports, but do they really need to know the exacts of your day?
Take locations for instance! If somebody says they found a good bite somewhere…
Instead of asking them where they found the fish, ask what depth were the fish holding, or what lures/baits were they throwing. Ask for help, but never, I repeat NEVER ask an angler where he fished. A good spot to fish is sacred to me, and most anglers feel the same way. After all, they are the ones that worked hard finding the spot.If the angler doesn’t mind sharing the location with you I’m sure he will do so.

With the amount of pressure most good lakes receive, you just can’t afford to give your spots up. And the typical angler who asks “where” is the same angler who will share that with everyone they contact. Instead of asking where the fish were caught, ask the angler where you should start to look! Noticed I wrote…START TO LOOK!
Fishing to me is finding a pattern and breaking the “code”. That’s the fun part that you are missing out on. Get out and find some water on your own, and I can promise you that you’ll have a better time when YOU found that spot! Just remember to keep it to yourself.

I’m planning a short musky trip this spring (on a lake that I’ve never been on) known for some big girls! This is only going to be a two-day plug fest, but I plan on fishing hard both days. I’ve researched maps, I’ve researched areas to camp, I’ve researched average water temps for this lake, and I’ve asked questions…a LOT of questions to people who know the area, but I have never asked for spots to fish. I will have a better time finding them on my own just using a few maps, than if you’d of just put in on top of them. But that’s just me, I guess! Also, what is with some anglers with regards to understanding the behaviors and patterns of fish they like to pursue? If you want to be a better angler, and angling is your true passion, then why won’t some people learn the fish? By learn, I mean…do some research!! Learn the spawning habits, desired water temps, where they feed, what they feed on and when…Learn the habits of a fish’s pray and you will be a better angler and not needing to ask that “where” question. I’ve talked to people who bass fish all the time, but can’t tell me what water temps they like to spawn in. If this is your true passion in life then learn your craft. It will make you a better angler when you look at fish from a different perspective. Most just learn about all sorts of different baits, or lures to use, but never learn the life-cycle of the fish they’re after…

Once you learn all about the habits of the fish you’re after, than learn about all the different prey available to them. Learn what they feed on in that area and where that bait is at any given time of year. Fish are extremely predictable and can be pattern easily if you just figure out their lifecycle! My favorite favorite fish is the smallmouth bass. They spend a lot of time feasting on gobies. I could most likely tell you anything you need to know about gobies because I need to understand the habits of these fish to help me find their worst enemy, the smallmouth! Get my point? Learn, learn, and learn!
This is the stuff that makes great anglers, great! Here’s an example of what I’m referring to! A guy gets online and asks,”Have the crappie started yet”
That person should know that the water temps are 38-42 and this is when the crappie start feeding for the spawn. If you knew that already, you should have asked, “what’s the current water temps”. That’s a perfectly fine question to ask!

Another thing to really learn is weather patterns…Become a meteorologist! Learn what fish do before, during, or after cold fronts. This will tell you where you should start to look! Learn how to predict that weather, and you’ll learn how to predict the fish.
Learn how 2” inches of rain effects that favorite stream you fish. If you never fished that stream before, than go right after rainstorm and figure it out!
“Will the creeks be fishable by this weekend? Look at the weather and see if we have any more rain in the forecast. Because you found out what 2 inches of rain will do to that creek, you now know what to expect on Saturday!

The point I’m trying to make is simple. Learn your hobby! There is more to angling then lure selection or what waders to buy! There are so many answer sitting right in front of you right now that can help you catch more fish…All you have to do is study them!
I’m not writing this because I hate when people ask these questions, but because I believe that people should have a better understanding of the fish and environment in which they live in!

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