Sunday, March 15, 2009

Presque Isle Report 03/15/09

Today was THE day to be out on the water...Finally we had a chance to fish when the weather was perfect. The sun shone bright all day and the winds were perfect. Met Brent at the ramp at 7, but was very surprised at the look of the bay. It was actually covered in a thin layer if ice. We were (like most of the time) the first to get there so we put in and broke it up! All the way out we broke up the ice, but we were determined to fish. We started out at one of our rock pile areas, but didn't fish it long. We actually fished a bunch of our deep water spots trying to get a cold water fish, but with the water temp only 33 degrees, we figured it was pointless. Headed over to an area that the Pike and bass really like to spawn in and found a warmer area of about 38 degrees. Knowing it was still a bit early for some pre-spwan bass we figured we'd just fish for the big pike. This was kind of goal of today anyway.. Long story short, Brent found a nice pike on a spot we call Fantasy Land, and a steelhead. We didn't measure the pike, but figured her around 32-34 inches and the steelhead was just a 20 inch jack. The ice was gone in this area so we worked it most of the day...Brent picked up another steelie, and I ended my day completely skunked.
Oh well, that's fishing. Didn't catch too many, but for this March's transitional period, we are glad we had a few bites.

Air Temps...28(L) 54(H)
Winds...Northeast at 5-10
Water Temps...32-41
Fished from 7:00-3:45

I just had to throw this pic in from when I got home. As soon as I pulled up my boys just had to jump in the boat...These are two future BASS big money winners, I promise ya!

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