Monday, March 30, 2009

Presque Isle Report 3/29/09

Wow, what a day! We started off fishing "Fantasy Land", but the fish don't seem to be there yet. The water was 47, but it doesn't seam like the bass are in any kind of pre-spawn staging yet. Normally we are yanking fish out of this area this time of year, but it just hasn't happened yet. We started fishing at 7:30 am and fished this area until about 11:00 to 11:30 without a single fish. We went over to the "poop pile" but the water was still reading 39, and the wind wasn't blowing from where we like it in this spot. With the lack of fish, the 20-30 mph winds, and raining on us all morning, we were loosing a little motivation. We headed to "blojoe" and right off the bat the temps were raising the closer we got to it. It is only about 3 feet in this area so the temps were 44-47 and I just knew the bait would be in here. Sure enough, Brent hits one right away and it was all up hill from there. The bait schools were balled up and the bass were feeding on them, big time! They weren't big, by all means, but they provided something we don't normally get this time of year....Constant action! The front blew in and they really started feeding fast and furious!. We fished this spot for a while, just chasing the school back and forth through the area yanking them to the boat. We had a good time and ended the day completely satisfied! Look for temps in the 45-47 range, protected from the wind and you'll find the fish. Don't expect the large females to chew just yet. Give them another week or two!

Air Temps...42(L) 54(H)
Winds...South at 15-20 gusting to 25-30. Switching to Southwest mid day 15-20.
Water Temps...41-47 Fish were only caught in 44-47.
Fished from 7:30-4:30

Cool front blew in around 1:00 and was raining off and on all day.
Bite Pattern...Swim baits yo-yowed in 3-5 FOW. Slowly, and ripping out of grass.

Brent was a tad slow on the pic of a small pike I caught! :)

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