Friday, May 1, 2009

Presque Isle and Lake Erie Report 5/01/09

Well, I don't have a whole lot to write about because today was basically just like my last report. But if I were to sum it up for you with one word, that word would be UNBELIEVABLE! The fishing is completely off the hook this year so far. Not only in numbers, but in size, too. And the best part about this year with regards to Smallmouth is that I'm seeing a lot of small fish. Which tells me that we have had a couple of great reproduction years. Started my day at 6 and fished the lake until about 11 than fished the bay. Throwing Rapala X-Raps in 5-8 FOW was all it took. You can tell by the first pic that I found the fish within minutes of fishing. My stern light is still on from the ride to my spot. I found them quick and managed to stay in the bite all day. This day was just completely INSANE!! I would type more, but my hands actually

Air Temps...64(L) 74(H)
Winds...Southwest at 15-20
Water Temps...50-55
Fished from 6:00-12:30

NOTES: Rain was off and on most of the morning. Fish were scattered and feeding on Emeralds.

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