Sunday, May 10, 2009

Lake Erie Report 5/09/09

You know for a fact when you don't even think about taking a pic of a smallmouth unless it's 5-6 lbs, you are truly spoiled by an incredible fishery. The fishing has been outstanding for these last few weeks. It's been easy as anything I've ever done in regards to catching fish. I fished solo today and probably caught upwards of 70-80 fish. Not any large ones, but really nice healthy fish 2-3 lbs. I even caught 2 on topwater early in the morning which was a BLAST! Anyway, it was another great day on the lake! Damn I LOVE smallmouth!!!

NOTES...Water temps held at 55, but Im sure have dropped a couple of degrees. Winds were gusting to 20 with pre-front rain off and on. Caught fish in water from 3-15 feet. X-raps were the baits of choice!


  1. I agree, it's easy to get spoiled on Erie. We don't take pics unless they are over 6 now. I did catch my first seven last week.God I love jerkbaiting smallies!!! Are you fishing bay or lake? I figure they will be going on beds soon, don't you think?


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