Monday, April 13, 2009

Rod, Reel, Boots, And A Few Lures!

Last week I had somebody ask me where I thought would be a good place to fish for somebody without a boat, and couldn't wade. Somebody who is disabled, or somebody who couldn't afford a pair of waders. Unfortunetly, I couldn't think of one spot for them that would for sure produce some fish. So, I hopped in the truck today with 3 lures in my pocket and drove around for a couple of hours to a few lakes (no these weren't farm ponds). Well, It's safe to say I found a couple of spots for somebody to fish that is stuck on land. Sorry for the picture quality, I was by myself and was setting the camera on a log and things. Total catch was 21 bass in just two hours of fishing. To the person who asked me last week about where to try, I forgot who you were so PM me and Ill let you know a spot or
Who says you need a boat to catch some nice fish? This was on public water within a 5 minute walk from Bar-b-Q pits and picnic benches!

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