Thursday, April 23, 2009

Presque Isle Report 4/21/2009

I managed to get out for a few hours and had an unbelievable time. It was hog after hog, but here was my problem....I had NO camera and only had my cell phone. Nobody to take my pic so I did the best job I could. If only my arms were 3 foot longer I could have fit these fish in the frame. The big girls are starting up and they are chewing. Total catch was 1 over 7 lbs, 2 over 5 lbs and 2 over 4 lbs and a few in the 3 lb range. If I were fishing a tourney I would have been in the money, that's for sure! All fish were caught on a black and purple jig with a powercraw trailer!
Sorry about the ridiculous erased pics, but I wasn't thinking about my background when I took the pics. It's a very recognizable spot that nobody fishes! Yes, I'm being greedy about this one!!! Don't be fooled, these aren't the same fish!

NOTES: Pre-Front conditions with off and on rain. Some heavy at times. Fish were staged in 2-10 FOW. A jig pattern and only got them to eat by sitting it on bottom for at least 15 seconds. They would hit as soon as I lifted it.

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