Sunday, April 19, 2009

Presque Isle Report 4/17/2009

Started out fishing today by myself. Brent took his 'lil nephew out trout fishing this morning so I was fishing solo. Well it looks as though the bass are becoming more and more in the Spring pattern. I started fishing in the Blojoe, but couldn't even buy a bite. I worked my way to the tails and started flipping twister baits into the thick stuff. It didn't take long before I realized I found a good pattern. I pulled quit a few fish from the wind protected side of the tails. Figuring this was a pattern to follow in another area, I headed over to sturgeon lake. Sure enough, flipping baits into the tails on the downwind side produced close to 20 fast bites. Mostly fish on the smallish side, but I did manage to find a nice 3 lbder. About this time (10:30) Brent called and I met him over at Chestnut Ramp. We headed over to JP and fished it for about an hour or two without a single bite. By this time the wind started blowing good, so we looked for some protected areas. Went and fished the wall by the condos and didn't do well there either. At this point I was starting to get a little worried that my day had came to an end. We even headed back to my two spots I found the pattern at earlier, but the wind was really crushing the point and turned the bite off. Sure enough, nothing there. Headed back to Blojoe hoping to find a pattern out of the wind, but we didn't. Feeling a tad frustrated and tired, we started heading back to the ramp. With the West wind blowing at 20-25 we had run out of choices. On the way back I decided to try one more spot on the other side of the bay. We started drifting in the Pumpkin Patch with no luck until I noticed a change in the depth. I realized at this point the fish might be stacked up on the drop down wind drop of this flat. I also figured if they were there they were there to eat. Sure enough as soon as we got within casting distance I stuck a nice fish. We were out of juice on the trolling motor so we decided to just anchor off and fish the drop. It took two sets to be able to fish this correctly, but we found a pattern. Slow rolling swimbaits produced a lot of good bites from some large fish. It even gave up our first Erie Smallie of the year. We fished this pattern until about 3:30 and had to leave them biting to get home in time for supper. All in all it was a VERY good day.

Air Temps...52(L) 62(H)
Winds...West at 15-25
Water Temps...43-51
Fished from 6:00-3:30

NOTES: Winds really picked up at around 11:00 and shut off the flippinf pattern in the tails. FIsh moved to deep drops by flats on the down wind side.

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  1. hey mike I would like to ask u a couple questions if I may. I read this blog and fish erie board each night. I live in West Virgina and an planning a trip up this spring.Looks like it will be in May. The fish u r catching now are they large mouths? Does this mean that the smaliies have not started to come into the bay yet? Last year we came up in June and the action was great. We fished the bay. Can u fish near the beaches? We saw a lot of rocks over there but were afraid to fish there. thanks for any help if u could email me at thanks again steve mitchell


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