Saturday, April 11, 2009

Presque Isle Report 4/11/09

The large females are starting to show up in the warmer, shallow waters feeding for the pre-spawn. We found some really nice fish today up to 5 lbs. Even with last weeks cold front the water was reading in the mid-forties. I can tell you one fact about the fishing right now on the bay...if you don't find water at 44 deg or higher, you won't find the fish. Look at some really shallow spots in the afternoon sun and you will start finding the large females. The only pattern we had all day was a very slow rolled swimbait. We also were surprised with a couple nice steelhead. Brent hooked one about 2 feet from the boat and it jumped 3 foot out of the water and literally splashed us. It really seams to be a very scattered bite, though. You have to cover a lot of water for just a few bites. If you are catching the small ones every cast than you need to move out of that area. It can be hard at times to leave fish to find fish, but if it's these big girls you're after than you have to find them. It was a very productive day, but it was extremely windy and cold!

Air Temps...39(L) 49(H)
Winds...Northeast at 15-25 Gusting to 30
Water Temps...41-45
Fished from 6:45-2:30

Cold front blew in mid week and brought snow and dropped the water temps a couple degrees. High pressure moved in Friday and was stable today. Sunny day which warmed the water a couple of degrees by 12:00.

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