Monday, April 27, 2009

Presque Isle and Lake Erie Report 4/26/2009

Started out this morning at sunrise! Surprisingly enough, there weren't that many anglers out today. We started fishing ledges that went from 3 to 10 feet. Throwing spoons we managed a few smallmouth and largemouth. Average size fish, but they were a blast and a welcome change from our cold water fishing these last few months. We fished tis pattern for a few hours before deciding to head to the lake. We fished a rocky shoreline in about 6-8 FOW. The winds were perfect for a shoreline drift so we started drifting along throwing jerkbaits. It wasn't long before I had a fish on. Everything was great for about 2 hours until the wind shifted out of the North/Northeast. This completely shut off the bite. We grinded it out until we had had enough.We headed back to the bay to fish the area that gave us a tons of bites in the morning, but things seemed to have stoped there, too. By this time Brent had to head home so I dropped him off at the ramp and headed out again. Went over in front of Marina Lake and stuck one in about an hour.Decided maybe things were back to normal with our lake bite so I headed back there. Drifted for about an hour and was only bit once. By this time I was getting pretty tired so I headed back in. But not before I tried one last time to fish a small ledge that went from 3 to 7 feet. Man am I glad I did. It was literally bite after bite on jerkbaits. Every drift Id catch between 5 and 10 fish. Most were "cookie cutter" fish in the 2 lb range, but they were a blast. After about 6 PM I had enough. Back was sore, and I was getting hungry. Total catch? well, you probably wouldn't believe me if I told you so I'll keep my mouth shut about that. To the guy in the pontoon boat.....I forgot your name, but it was nice meeting you, my friend! I'm glad you stuck a few out there, too.

Air Temps...64(L) 81(H)
Winds...Southeast at 5-10, switching to North/Northeast 5-15.
Water Temps...52-55
Fished from 6:00-6:15

NOTES: Fish were ambushing bait schools on ledges in the bay. The lake bite was good until the wind changed on us. Jerkbait pattern held all day.

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