Friday, March 6, 2009

Steelhead Report 03/06/2009

With the recent warmer weather Erie has been receiving, the creeks are starting to thaw, but are still relatively low and clear. This weekend, things are looking pretty promising though and hopefully the rain predicted won't drop a ton on Erie, but some is definitely needed. The water temps are still very low, and expect them to stay this way until next week. Focus on fishing deep, slow pulls on the upper reaches of Elk and Walnut for some left over fish. These fish will be some-what sluggish so don't expect them to move too far for a fly or bait! Small Sucker Spawn and Globugs have been producing well for the anglers willing to fight the cold. Also, to the bait fisherman out there, don't rule out night crawlers this time of year, they can be deadly when sat in front of a steelie in low, clear water. The ice jams are a small problem on the mouths of the creeks, and expect them to get larger with the thaw. This time of year you will find some fresh run of smaller fish moving in, so once the mouths clear, look for them staging for a small run.
In the next month or so, we should start seeing our annual sucker run....This is the best time of the year for me because it's the first sign of spring on the water.
IT won't be long before the temps will be on the steady rise, marking yet another great year on Erie!! Good luck!

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