Sunday, March 8, 2009

Presque Isle Report 3/8/09

By the look of the picture I posted on this report, you'd of thought I was fishing in Florida. Unfortunately that's not the case! This is an old pic of Kara fighting a tarpon in Tampa and the reason I posted it was to remind me that one day I will be in some warm weather again and it does exist! :-)
Today I fished with my buddies Brent and Mike (6point7 on Last week the bay finally opened up and we decided to try and find some early spawn pike, but were left empty handed. The forecast was calling for midfiftys with some rain! Well, they were wrong! I don't think it got above 35 and it rained on us all day! It was one cold day! We fished pretty hard in all our usual spots, but I think we were just a bit early for them! Another couple of weeks of warm weather and I'm sure the early spring patterns will be enforce. But with the water at 36 degrees, it just isn't happening right now. Oh well, that's fishing I guess!!
One thing happened today that had me thanking the man upstairs though. I drove 45 minutes at interstate speeds with my pin that holds my hitch in was GONE!! That's right, GONE! I made it all the way to where we were meeting and at a sharp turn in the parking lot, the hitched pulled completely out and my boat trailer nearly took out my tail gate! I could only imagine what would of happened if it came off at 70 mphs?!?! YIKES! Just a little reminder to check and re-check everything well before getting on the road! In the next couple of weeks, start looking for pike to be over muddy, dark shallow flats with some rotting vegetation! These fish will be moving in the shallows getting ready for their spawn. Pike are one of coldest water fish that live in our waters and spawn between 39 to 45 degrees! Good luck! Hopefully my next report will be much better...

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